Organization and Control of the course and the participants

Organization and Control of the course and the participants


The participant will be confronted with a strict assessment process.

Every week a control exam will be carried out over the previous week lessons. In addition to this, there will take place oral and written exams in order to constantly monitor and evaluate the language level. In addition to the language, other aspects such as punctuality, assignments and motivation are also evaluated.

All this is summarized in individual reports about each student. We will send you these reports regularly. In this way, a complete and transparent performance profile is created for each individual of the candidates.

Attendance records

There is an attendance list, which must be signed daily. During the course there is an exceptionality of duty and punctuality.

Candidates with disciplinary difficulties or lack of motivation are recognized as such at an early stage and may be asked to leave the project prematurely, in consultation with the project sponsor. If this is the case, they are usually replaced by new candidates.

Contact language school – student – client

We are interested in an uninterrupted flow of information between companies, students and the language school. For us this is the basis and starting point for successful cooperation. Through reports, e-mails and / or Skype interviews, we are working on a lively exchange of information between the students and the future employers, which allows for a better understanding. Our experience has shown us how important this is for the success of our course as well as the entire integration process. We have also had good experiences with the organization of Parentship in Spain. These were always very positively evaluated by candidates as well as their families. We also recommend regular contact with the participants online.

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