International Personal Services

Many projects in the last years have shown that Spain is a good place to find suitable workers.

The excellent quality of the academic, educational and vocational training, their good adaptability and their open-minded, positive and motivated attitude make the Spaniard an attractive candidate. With more than 1,000 employees in the past 6 years, IFC is leader in the Spanish market.

What can we offer

  • Cost and time saving.
  • Competence and experience.
  • Qualified and motivated employees.
  • Transparency and efficiency in our work.

Our cooperation would look like this

Let us know your personal requirements, we will put together a candidate and company profile together, including the framework conditions.

Our search for matching applicants takes place all over Spain with the help of our database, social networks, job exchange portals, information events and our partner network.

We will take care of the translation and we will review all the documents sent. After an initial analysis, we will invite the appropriate candidates to a personal meeting.

After evaluating the hard and soft skills, you will then receive the application documents. Your final decision on the cooperation can be made after a personal interview with the selected applicants in Spain, Germany or via videoconferencing.

There will be no financial risk for you. Our arranged commission will be charged after a successful recruitment process.

All selected applicants can, of course, be prepared, according to their needs, with their linguistic, cultural, psychological and specialist-specific preparatory program for their new work and living environment.

For more information see: German Intensive and Integration Courses.

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