International Formation projects

Learning without borders – International formation

An increasing globalization of the economy and the companies also requires global training strategies. Often the existing knowledge has to be adapted to the local requirements.

We have been involved in the international exchange of professional staff and their formation for 10 years, especially between Germany and Spain. Many projects involve an introduction and / or further training in language, as well as technical and intercultural preparation of our candidates.

Our range of courses is very far-reaching and fulfills every area for a transnational employee development:

We train the candidates in languages, support their skills to feel linguistically and psychologically comfortable in everyday and work situations and we teach them intercultural knowledge to guarantee a good cooperation in new situations.

Formation in the important areas such as “Languages, Leadership Qualities, IT, New Technologies and in the Commercial Sector” are to be emphasized by our own developed teaching program.

Our experts and our technical team administrate and manage all digital areas with maximum optimization and develop the training plan according to the desired environment, which means, to supply and administrate the content, prepare reports, etc., according to the request of the customer.

Many of these courses are presented on-site and online.

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