German Intensive and Integration Courses

German Intensive and Integration Courses

Training objectives

The aim of the preparatory course is to provide the necessary linguistic and sociocultural basic knowledge, which allows the participants to move without problems in the German work environment. In addition to the German language, there will be taught the regional peculiarities, everyday situations as well as the background of German culture and the working world.

Through the integration of intercultural training into our language courses, the adaptation times of the candidates are shortened.

Another area is the psychological support to prepare for this great change. Fears and uncertainties can be taken as far as possible and motivation will be strengthened.

Linguistic and cultural preparation

Linguistic, professional, cultural. Competence and integration

Our method

Our language teachers are, without exception, native speakers and can demonstrate outstanding professional and docentic skills. Likewise, our team consists of coaches (team and individual), softskills and integration trainers. All employees have been admitted to our team after a rigorous selection process.

The course has a predominantly practical character. We focus on taking the students’ fear of speaking from the beginning. This is how we show the participants that a basic vocabulary can already be successfully communicated. We use the already existing knowledge of the participants in the language learning: For us learning is learning by connection and experience.

We create motivation

After a basis of the German language has been laid, we will also simulate situations from the everyday, work and private life. The necessary linguistic competences to successfully deal with such situations will be acquired by the students in the practical use of the language.

Sociocultural topics in the categories: history, politics, behavior in the workplace (with superiors and work colleagues), family life, leisure, sports etc. will also be components of the language course hours.

In addition to the regular language lessons, the technical vocabulary of the specific professional fields will be taught and specifically prepared for the TELC examinations.

Course content

  • German lessons according to GER
  • Coping with everyday situations
  • Preparation for professional situations (practical situations)
  • Sociocultural information
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