Erasmus +, Vocational education and training



International professional experience is increasingly becoming part of the professional requirements profile. Stays abroad in the vocational education and training are an excellent way to acquire international professional competences. Participants in the key action “Learning mobility for individuals” in the Erasmus + program for vocational education and training are given the opportunity to acquire relevant international experience within the framework of a mobility project.

Target groups


People in non-tertiary, vocational education courses, for example:

  • Trainees.
  • Apprentices.
  • Young people.
  • Volunteers.

Period of stay: between 2 weeks and 12 months.

Staff training

People in the field of vocational training, for example:

  • Trainers.
  • Teachers.
  • Professional consultants.
  • Heads of training institutions.
  • People responsible for training planning, personal development and professional orientation.

Duration of stay: between 2 days and 2 months.

Foreign stays for the educational staff are encouraged for learning (work placement, internships or jobshadowing, learning new techniques) and for teaching purposes. Mobility has to be part of the personnel and organizational development of the facility and should be justified.

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