Adult education



An in-service training abroad expands the practical skills of teachers by the component of the international experience. For the specialists working in the administrative sector, the opportunities in the conceptual area of adult education are to benefit from international partners. Against the background of the changing social processes and in the face of educational policy challenges, the action contributes to the professionalization of further education both in the personal sphere and in the sense of organizational development.

Target groups

Employed in the planning and mediation of vocational processes in adult education. These may be employed as a main, secondary or freelance worker.

Activities within the framework of Key Action 1 in the adult education sector

Mobility projects in adult education are organized training stays in European countries for educational staff.

Mobility projects can include training courses, job shadowings, or even stays with partners for teaching purposes. The projects are organized by adult education institutions. (Colleges, associations, ecclesiastical sponsors of adult education, etc.).

Cooperation to promote innovation and exchange of best practices


Strategic partnerships are transnational projects aimed at the transfer, development and / or implementation of innovation and best practices. This can be done at local, regional, national, European or organizational level.

It is also possible to implement the project sectorally, that is, within the adult education sector as well as across sectors; two or more sectors (for example, vocational training, adult education, college, school, youth).

Target groups

All public and private institutions, which in the broadest sense are active in the adult educations. For example: education centers, adult educations center, association, clubs, foundation, higher education institutions, non-government organizations etc.

Activities within the framework of Key Action 2 in the adult education sector

Strategic partnerships offer institutions, which in the broadest sense are active in the adult education, the opportunity to promote innovative development (for example, in the sector of adult education) in transnational cooperation.

Strategic partnerships provide institutions that are active in the area of adult education in the broadest sense, the possibility to develop innovative developments, among others, in transnational cooperation in adult education.


EU mobility scholarships for individuals.

If learners go abroad during their studies, they can take part in a mobility project organized by their vocational training institution.
But what is the possibility for those who are interested in a mobility project but their institutes don’t offer them? On this page, we present you how individual mobility is possible through so-called pool projects – a project form that has become firmly established in the Erasmus + Mobility in Vocational Education and Training in Germany.

In projects that enable individual mobility, vocational training institutions provide a pool of Erasmus + scholarships for individuals who wish to go to European countries for vocational learning. The projects are published all over Germany through the internship search on the portal for apprentices at www.machmehrausdeinerausbildung.de.

They enable individuals to participate in the Erasmus + program and to receive funding from the EU. The application has to be made by the institution that implements the Pool-Project supporting the individual mobility.

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