Additional Services

1. Psychological support for participants

Our coaches will support our students in the course, helping them to keep motivated and to prepare themselves for this great life change.

2. Preparation for the working and training day

Introduction to the German dual training system, day-to-day operations, internal code of conduct, dealing with colleagues and supervisors.

3. Set-Up an Online class room

This classroom complements and supports face-to-face classes and is equipped with additional exercises, videos, listening and reading texts, information about Germany as well as various interesting links. In addition, it is possible at any time to ask questions to a tutor. The classroom is accessible by the participants during the course duration, but can be available on request during the first weeks of the stay in Germany. We demand our students to make a daily assignment during the course.

4. Private lesson

Not all students have the same linguistic talent. That’s why we offer private lesson for students, where you or we realize that a supplementary need is needed.

5. Preparation for the official language certificate exam

IFC is an official TELC-Exam-Center and is used to the demands of the exam. That is why we will prepare additional hours before the date of the exam. The success chances of our students are thereby increased.

6. On request: Official language tests after the course

7. Support for the search and organization of an accompanying German course in Germany during the internship

We are convinced that an accompanying German course in Germany adds great value to the job, and, in addition to the improvement of the German language, it is very beneficial to the motivation, adaptation and integration of the trainees. Therefore, we offer our active cooperation.

8. Tandem program with our students from Germany

9. Relocation and care service

10. Search and administrative support of all kind of funding programs for all of the program sections

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